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Look at Ritchie Burnetts site forlots of circuits and theory - its excellent. Richie has been very helpfulto me particularily with the new solid state coil.

I found these papers very helpful:

National Semiconductor

Application Note AN 556 Introduction to Power Supplies - describes all the various topologies.

Application Note AN 558 Introduction to Power Mosfets and their applications

International Rectifier

Application Note AN 936 The Do's and Don't of using Mos-Gated Transistors

Application Note An-937 Gate Drive Characteristics

Application Note An-941 Paralleling HEXFET® power MOSFETs

Application Note An-944 Use Gate Charge to Design the Gate Drive Circuit

These are also of interest

Power MOSFET Basics (in .pdf format)

Paralleling of Power MOSFETs for Higher Power Output (in .pdf format)

IGBT or MOSFET: Choose Wisely (in .pdf format) (New)

WARP Speed IGBTs - Fast Enough To Replace Power MOSFETs in Switching Power Supplies at over 100 kHz Available in pdf and html

MOSFET Failure Modes in the Zero-Voltage-Switched Full-Bridge


Introduction to Power Semiconductors (Power Semiconductor Applications Chapter 1)

Switched Mode Power Supplies (Power Semiconductor Applications Chapter 2)

Harris - Intersil

AN 7244 Understanding Power Mosfets


Application note 22 Considerations for driving Mosfets


dn62 voltage mode versus current mode

u137 mosfet gate drive circuits

Just in

On Semiconductor

AN1102-D Interfacing Power MOSFETs to Logic Devices

SMPSRM-D Switchmode Power Supply Reference Manual

AN918-D Paralleling Power MOSFETs in Switching Applications

AN929-D Insuring Reliable Performance from Power MOSFETs


lh_ap_14  Requirements for Power MOSFETs Connected in Parallel

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