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Useful Chips and Bits


HIP5500IP Combined PWM chip and Half bridge driver, 500v max, I tried this chip but I couldn't get my prototype board to work at all.
HIP2100IB Half bridge 2A 100v driver
HIP4082 Full bridge driver 80V
HIP2500IP Half Bridge 500v driver
Haven't played with this - the snag is a slow response time - 400ns to respond to a short circuit.
Harris are on the net - great source of data sheets and application notes
Telcom Semiconductor
TC4421cpa 9A inverting high speed Mosfet driver.
TC4422cpa 9A non-inverting as above
TC4427cpa non inverting dual high speed Mosfet driver all very fast.


PWM chips

SG3524 200kHz max - low capacity output. cheap and cheerful!
UC3825 High speed, 1MHz, will drive FET's directly or through buffer chips. A bit unstable
There's also an improved version 3825A haven't seen a supplier for this though.
Unitrode also offer power supply circuits


Welcome to power transistor genocide country. A source of smoke and a gate unhinged is a FET down the drain. There are millions to choose from but these offer good current handling ability and value

the old faithfuls: IRF540 100V, IRF640 200V, IRF740 400V

TO 220 packages - fast and capable.
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