The biggest and most unique Tesla event the UK has ever seen.

The UK Premier of the Opera

"Nikola Tesla" by Vladimir Nemet

Sunday 9th September 2001 at 8pm at St Ninian's Church Corby.

Followed by a short coil demo - "Arcs and Sparks".

Based on Tesla autobiography

Lyrics by James Joyce and e.e. cummings

Narrator (Nikola Tesla): Mark Boldin

Choreographer: Mark Boldin

Singers : Tanja Radovic, Sonja Gospodnetic, Vesna Matana

Dancers: Katarina Djurdjevic, Mark Boldin

New Music Ensemble Zagreb

Vladimir with the cast, Alan and the Croatian Ambassador

"Nikola Tesla is the true unsung prophet of the electric age without whom our auto ignition, telephone, alternating current power generation and transmission, radio and television would all have been impossible. Yet his life and times have vanished largely from public access. Our opera was made to remedy this situation, and to fill this "black hole" in information space.. It's inspired by Tesla's autobiography, and some lyrics by James Joyce and E.E.Cummings.The music is structurally really something new, with no accent on simplicity, none on complexity. Vocal or instrumental, this music tends to sing sweetly, assertively, forcefully, always under control." (Vladimir Nemet)

This was a fantastic night - the opera was brilliant - the singers and dancers were first class. The effect of the music, the video projections, and the singing and acting was completely surreal. It was very profesionally done - I would recommend the production to anyone. We had about 150 people on the night - modern opera is hard to sell!

The demo went very well - Nick Field and Steve Rodway put on a brilliant show including Steve's lightning man trick.

For those who wanted the full Covant Garden, Royal Opera experience we offerred some restricted view seats behind a pillar for a mere 150 - the pillar will be constructed using a 20,000,000 grant from the national lottery.

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