UK & International Teslathon

Corby, May 29th 1999

We renamed this event UK and International teslathon in honour of Sam and Reineir who joined us from Holland. 30 high voltage enthusiasts turned up bringing at least 8 working coils, not to mention an ear deafening can crusher. We also had Anglia TV who made a fun report on the event for Anglia news which was trarmitted the following Wednesday. Mike Harrision has the sound and pictures on his site.

lineup99.jpg (58474 bytes)

My thanks to Mike Harrison for this picture.

Top row : ?1,?2, Mike Harrison, Reinier Heeres, ?4, Sam Barros, Nick Field,'Frankenstein', ?6, Alan Sharp, ?7,?8,Steve Rodway,?9,Martin Dale,?10,?11,Bob Golding, Chris Swinson
Bottom row : Viv Watts, Nick Slaymaker, Alex Crow, Mike Tucknott,?14,?15,?16

email Mike if you can fill in the ?s!

One of the highlights was the Frankenstien coil built on the day from donated body parts. We got a great performance out of Mike Tucknotts coil - 67" arcs. Using my power supply, Martin Dale's rotory gap, Steve Rodway's Maxwell caps, and Alex Crow's   toroid,

frank5.jpg (14123 bytes)

Energize. (picture Richie Burnett)

I am grateful to Mike Tucknott for a piece of 10" pipe on which I have wound an identical secondary. The plan is that by the next Teslathon we should have two identical coils which we can use as a twin coil system.

Viv Watts, a single craftesman among the jerry builders! (photo Richie)

Viv's superbly constructed rotary gap. (photo Richie)

And the smallest contender - Duncan Cadd's mini coil.

I am grateful to Mike Harrison and Richie Burnett for the pictures here, more pictures can be seen on Mike Harrison's site.

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