The First Ever UK Teslathon

Saturday 30th May, 11am, St Ninian's Church of Scotland,

Beanfield Avenue, Corby, Northamptonshire.

This was the very first event for UK coilers. At that time there were very few tesla websites - though this one was up and running.  I advertised it on the web site and the pupman list. I thought I might get half a dozen people along for this - ten at most maybe 2 or 3 coils, we had 30 people including friends and family and 8 coils running. My thanks to Mike Harrison for these pictures.

Julian brought along this great performing coil. It was powered by a pig pole transformer - very heavy, how they got it in and out of the car I don't know. No current limiting - it relied on a roughly made rotary gap which made a noise like a banshee and showered sparks like a grinding wheel. "We're sure its safe" we said as we headed for the nearest concrete bunker.

Greg Hunter brought his neat, neon transformer powered coil. Proving that you don't need to start with mega watts and heavy engineering.

Mike demonstrated exactly what should be done with the "I'm a barbie girl song" - what about doing the group next year.

 Viv Watts made this beautifully built coil - performed well too.

Martin Dale had the star performer of the day - 4 foot arc.

Look at the camera and say "ozone".

Mike's Page for more pictures

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