The 2001 UK Teslathon

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Bride of Frankenstien hit 8 feet on the day. My thanks to Mark Hales and Richie Burnett for the pictures

Saturday 26th May 2001, at St Ninian's church hall, Corby.

We had about 40 people at the last teslathon and a good number of coils. The event raised 145 which will go directly to Ekwendeni Hospital in Malawi.

Duncan's tiny valve coil

Steves coil

Henry's - our youngest coiler put this one together - its powered by 2 ex microwave transformers

BOF again

BOF again

Nick's Pair - Fred and Wilma - capable of 10 foot 6 but not at Corby

Solid State coils - makes a very pleasing manic sound as you wind up the interupt frequency.

Mike Tucknotts Frankenstien coil

Steves Coil with an ion moter on the top.

James Barker brought his coil down from Edinburgh - ran very well with a little help from Bob

On the left is Duncan's beautiful mini magnifier coil - work of art

More pictures at: Colin's Site

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